Bowhunters Wildlife Management
Association of New Hampshire

Suburban Wildlife Management & The Bow Hunting Solution

   Program Requirements


 All participants are required to:

 A. Be a dues paying member of BWMANH - $25.00

 B. Licensed Bowhunter in the State of New Hampshire.

 C. Have completed a NBEF. Bowhunter safety course to include certification

 D. Pass a proficiency test.

 E. Provide information/documentation of having successfully harvested a minimum of three (3) big game animals with a bow.

F. The Game Management Committee, BWMANH Directors, will have the final say as to who participates.



 Completed Successful Registration includes:

A. Vehicle year, make, model, color, license plate number.

B. Archery Hunting License Number.

C. Address and phone number.

D. Safety and Proficiency requirements successfully met.

E. Photocopy of National Bowhunter Education Certification card.



A. Park only in designated areas.

B. Treat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect.

C. Do not litter.

D. Remove all entrails from the woods (and the island)*. Site specific regulation.

E. Animals may not be visible when being transported.

F. Game law violations will not be tolerated.

G. Hunting only in designated/permitted areas. *Hunting is not allowed on Long Island on the following holidays; Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, including the day after Thanksgiving.

H. Report all harvested animals to your group leader.

I. All participants are required to attend at least one workday.

J. Use a safety harness at all times when hunting, straps or belts are unacceptable.

K. There will be no still hunting, stalking, blind hunting or any other type of ground hunting*. Site specific regulations.

L. Each participant will be assigned at least one stand location. You may hunt another person's stand only with their permission and with the consent of the area group leader.

M. Stand locations may not be moved without the consent of the area group leader.

N. Only portable ladder tree stands may be used (minimum 10').

O. Carry all permits, permission forms a valid NH Archery Hunting License and I. D. (such as a driver's license) when hunting.

P. Report all violations of the rules and regulations to your group leader.

Q. The BWMANH Game Management Committee will review any and all violations of either BWMANH rules or state game law violations within 72 hours of the violation. All decisions of the Committee will be final and without appeal.

R. Use of String Tracking Devices are required*. Site specific regulation.

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