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   Facts about Deer

  • Deer can live up to 11 years.
  • Food types include grasses, shrubs, leaves, needles and "mast" from oak, beech and apple trees.
  • In areas of overpopulation, deer can cause an "over browsing" affect which destroys most plant species up to six feet, destroying the forest renewal process. Gardens, plants, and shrubs can also be destroyed.
  • Deer establish a territory and will not leave it.
  • Deer are known to starve or drown rather than leave their domain.
  • Two deer without predation can produce up to a herd of up to 35 in just 7 years.
  • Deer require 10-12 pounds of food each day most of the year.
  • In late winter their diet is supplemented by stored fat.
  • When deer run out of stored fat and available browse they start to metabolize their bone marrow and starvation is eminent.
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