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   Hunting Facts

Hunting provides immediate population reduction. It closely resembles and is part of natural predation. Deer are removed in more or less random fashion with no age or sex group being targeted. In overpopulated areas, more does need to be removed; hence extra doe permits may be required and appropriate. This keeps the herd diverse and viable and at a size which is compatible to the carrying capacity of the habitat and within human tolerance level. Hunting allows for more beneficial use of the resource. Most hunters eat what they kill or give it away to others who do. The New Hampshire Food Bank welcomes the generous gifts of deer meat (venison) to be distributed throughout soup kitchens or to feed the needy programs.

The Bow Hunting Solution

  • Bowhunting is a low profile method of managing deer herd numbers.
  • The average shot is less than 20 yards or 60 feet.
  • A safe and effective way to hunt in heavily populated area's close to houses, farms and roads.
  • Bows and bowhunters are quiet and unobtrusive; not disturbing inhabitants of the area.
  • Bows in use today are extremely effective and will shoot a razor sharp broadhead tipped arrow completely through a deer causing massive and immediate hemorrhaging.
  • The resulting blood loss causes dulling of the senses and death is painless and swift.
  • If a deer is wounded it immediately secrets hormones (endorphins) from the brain which dull pain and promote rapid healing.
  • These same endorphins allow an injured deer to recover quickly from the clean cutting wound of a broadhead.
  • A scientific study "Aspects of wounding of White Tailed Deer by Bowhunters" written by Wendy J. Krueger in 1995 revealed that less than 13% of bow shot deer are not recovered. (Many of these un-recovered deer survive their wounds).
  • Bowhunting is a popular and challenging method of hunting with the emphasis on hunting. Bowhunting is recognized by the Fish and Wildlife departments throughout the United States, as a sound game management tool.

BWMANH teaches and supports ethical bowhunting behavior. Our members pledge to uphold and obey the laws of the State of New Hampshire, to hunt in an ethical and safe manner and respect landowners. When you permit members of BWMANH to hunt on your land, you will host good citizens and concerned bowhunters who will respect you, your property and the game they hunt. If you think bowhunting can be a viable solution to your deer management problem, please contact BWMANH. We will have a local member of BWMANH meet with you and work on a bowhunting solution to your problem.

Long Island Deer Management -- Partnership with NHF&G

"BWMANH has been a very valuable component to the overall deer management strategy for Long Island. They have worked very hard to seek out willing landowners, police their ranks, set and maintain high standards of experience and ability, and has worked very hard to harvest and recover the maximum number of female deer possible. They have also worked very hard to set a good example of how landowner/hunter relations can benefit both parties. While we are still in an evaluation phase of the program to determine if hunting can be effective in controlling deer numbers on the island long-term, there is little doubt in my mind that without BWMANH, the answer would be a definitive no. On Long Island, like many communities with over abundant deer herds, it is hard to find landowners willing to allow hunters access. BWMANH has spent a tremendous amount of effort working with local landowners developing a good relationship. Word is now spreading, and I expect the list of landowners allowing hunting will increase in the future."

Steven J. Weber -- Chief of Wildlife, New Hampshire Fish & Game

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